Whiskey Fathers Day Gift: 6 Exciting Ideas

Words By Brad Neathery

There’s no role model in a person’s life quite like their father. In a world that’s constantly changing, fathers stand as a model for steadfastness, courage, determination, and hard work. It is because of the great examples of the fathers that came before us that we are where we are today, and because of that, we should show them how much we care.

Father’s Day is a holiday like no other, giving everyone the chance to show their father how much they have meant to them. Still, Father’s Day can also be a tricky holiday, particularly if you aren’t fond of gift-giving. 

Getting your father a gift he will love that tells him you care is difficult, especially if you have a father who tends to just go buy the things he wants for himself. 

If there is one thing that most fathers love, it’s whiskey — and the great thing about whiskey is you can always use more. There are also plenty of other whisky-related gift ideas that can tell your father how special he is and give you the opportunity to bond over a glass.

No more scrambling at the last minute for a Father’s Day gift idea. Here are six exciting whiskey gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day

#1) A New Cocktail Shaker

If your father is someone who prefers his whiskey in a Whiskey Sour or Mint Julep, then a new cocktail shaker will be a wonderful gift for him. For shaken cocktails, having the right type of shaker makes all the difference in achieving the proper dilution and texture in your drink.

There are all sorts of shakers out there, but they mainly fall into two main categories: the Boston shaker and the Cobbler shaker. You should figure out your dad’s preference before diving in because some people have very strong opinions about which style is “better.”

If you want to make this gift truly special, consider shopping through a service that can offer an engraved shaker with a Father’s Day message he will read every time he shakes up a drink. You could also go for a themed shaker that celebrates a hobby, interest, or theme in your father’s life.

#2) Customized Old Fashioned Glasses

Whether your father drinks his whiskey straight or in cocktails, he needs an Old Fashioned glass. The feeling of a high-quality piece of drinkware in your hand as you sip a delicious whiskey cocktail can elevate your drinking experience quickly. 

Consider getting your father a customized set of Old Fashioned glasses for his bar. Think about his interests and hobbies. For instance, if he likes sports, consider getting him glasses themed after his favorite team. If he loves to travel, maybe get him a few glasses themed after his favorite destinations.

Get creative, because a custom Old Fashioned glass is something your dad will actually use all the time. If you gift him a basic, boring, or low-quality piece of drinkware, he won't actually get much use out of it. If you are going for a glassware present, you need to make it special so that it doesn’t end up at the back of a drawer somewhere for all of eternity.

#3) A Nice Bottle of Whiskey

At the end of the day, a bottle of whiskey is still one of the best and easiest gifts that you can give to your father on Father’s Day. The best part is that your father is going to love it. Whiskey, like a father, grows better with age — what better gift could there be?

If you’re searching for a bottle to give your father for Father’s Day, Oak & Eden has the perfect selection for you to choose from. Starting with our classic Inspired Series Whiskeys, you have the choice between expertly crafted bourbon, rye, wheat, and four-grain whiskeys. No matter your father’s taste, we have a traditional blend right up his alley.

If your father is of the more adventurous type, then he may be more intrigued by the offerings in our Infused Series of whiskeys, featuring intense and inventive flavors. From our Bourbon & Brew coffee-infused whiskey to our Rye & Rumba Caribbean rum-infused rye whiskey, we’ve got options that will pack a flavor punch your dad will love.

Of course, all of our whiskeys use innovative in-bottle finishing techniques. We place a hand-toasted wooden spire in every bottle of our whiskey to continue infusing botanicals and flavor notes into your whiskey while it sits on your shelf. Your father is going to love Oak & Eden.

#4) Whiskey Tumblers or a Whiskey Flight Set

If your father is more of a whiskey connoisseur, then getting your dad his very own set of whiskey tumblers to serve flights of whiskey is a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. 

Whiskey tumblers (sometimes called Glencairn glasses) are the small glasses that whiskey is served in when you are tasting it. A Glencairn glass has a wide base and a taller, slimmer body and lip that’s almost shaped like a tulip. These glasses help concentrate the aromas of the whiskey upwards to your nose and make whiskey more fragrant (and easier to taste).

#5) Ice Ball Molds

One thing that usually separates homemade cocktails from the delicious (and expensive) cocktails that you get when you go out is the ice. Oftentimes, you find at bars the ice in your cocktails — especially your whiskey — are these large single perfect cubes of ice. Other times, you get even more inventive single giant chunks of ice, like circular ice cubes.

Making these kinds of decorative giant ice cubes for serving cocktails and whiskey is more than doable from the comfort of your home: All it takes is a simple silicone ice mold. You can get creative shapes like balls, which tend to look cool. There are also cubes, pyramids, and other fun and wacky shapes that you can try out. 

If your father is someone who likes to host cocktail parties or make cocktails for friends, then ice cube molds (spherical or otherwise) can take his presentation skills to a whole new level. 

#6) Oak & Eden Anthro Series Whiskey

The final great gift idea that any father will be excited about receiving this fathers day is a bottle of any of our Oak & Eden Anthro Series whiskeys. Our Anthro Series of whiskeys are crafted in collaboration with popular ramblers and creators to showcase unique and interesting flavor profiles.

With blends and recipes blended in collaboration with such celebrities as prolific western actor Forrie J. Smith’s barrel proof bourbon with coffee-infused American oak spire to Americana duet Jamestown Revival’s blend of barrel proof rye whiskey with a toasted french oak spire, the Anthro series are top of the line, flavorful, and creative blends that your father will get a real kick out of.

The Antro Series of Oak & Eden whiskey is a celebration of individualism and the unique approaches that make each of us one of a kind. Give your one-of-a-kind father a bottle of our Anthro Series whiskey to show him just how special he is to you. 


Father’s day is the perfect time of year to show your father how much his support and care have meant to you. Giving him the perfect gift is the best way to show you care. But shopping for a Father’s Day gift gets challenging year after year. How do you find something he’ll love that represents his worth to you?

If you have a father who likes whiskey, then you have a great solution. There are truly dozens of great gift ideas for anyone who loves whiskey, including fathers. The key is of course finding the gifts that will actually make a difference.

A new cocktail shaker is a solid option for dads who enjoy shaken cocktails. Some customized or special cocktail glasses are also always smart.

Oak & Eden whiskeys also make an ideal present for any father, showcasing the brilliant flavors of American-made whiskey while also presenting first-of-its-kind in-bottle finishing to give your father a whiskey that is layered and complex like him.

Whiskey tumblers or a set of flight glasses is a good gift for the whiskey connoisseur fathers out there, and creative and fun-shaped ice cube trays are a smart present idea for dads who like to serve nice drinks. 

Whatever you decide to give your father this year, make sure he knows how much he means to you. Sometimes, all that takes is two glasses, a bottle of whiskey, and a little quality time. 



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Words By Brad Neathery