Whiskey Customizer: The Peach Infusion Edition

Words By Brad Neathery
Oak & Eden's Whiskey Customizer is a stand out in the innovative world of whiskey. We’ve changed the game, mixed things up, and are proud to share this experience with all who are curious. Whiskey Customizer invites you to curate a whiskey that perfectly aligns with your taste preferences. This experience gives you the opportunity to embark on a personalized journey of whiskey exploration, enabling you to craft your very own custom bottle of whiskey. We released whiskey customizer with four different whiskey bases, two different wood species, and eleven different infusion offerings.

You guys asked for more. And we answered. Enter our new peach infusion offering. The perfect flavor for this summertime season. Imagine the velvety sweetness of juicy, ripe peaches merging harmoniously with the smooth burst of liquid gold.

Creating your own bottle of whiskey with a peach liqueur finish is a simple yet exciting process. Begin by selecting your base whiskey. Make it barrel strength or keep it 90 proof. Next, choose the wood type — American Oak or French Oak. Then, objectively the best part, is choosing your finishing libation. In this case, we recommend our newest peach liqueur. It introduces a luscious and fruity dimension to your whiskey, elevating the drinking experience with every sip.

We invite you to experience the process of building your very own custom bottle of whiskey, pour it neat or mix up a cocktail, savor the rich flavors, and raise your glass to a peachy keen moment! Cheers, y’all!
Words By Brad Neathery