What is a Spire & How Does it Impact In-Bottle Finishing?

Words By Brad Neathery

Introducing the lifeblood of Oak & Eden. The Spire is the tool that allows all brand innovation to exist, and it's where our story begins. In-bottle finishing is the genesis of everything we do.

What is a Spire?

The spire is a 5" long spiral cut piece of oak, made from the same species of oak as a barrel. There is a spire inside of every single Oak & Eden bottle. It's what we are proud to call in-bottle finishing™. This process allows our whiskey to "finish" or flavor naturally, producing rich, sweet flavors that could only come from the power of wood.

What is In-Bottle Finishing™?

In-bottle finishing is the process of adding flavor to whiskey after its been aged. At Oak & Eden we add flavor by adding a spiral cut piece of oak to our whiskey after aging.

How Does it Create Impact?

It allows us to further innovate and explore. The Spire and In-Bottle Finishing has enabled us to offer what we call infusions - from Cabernet to Honey to Caribbean Rum. We've crafted an entire collection of products that have rich, added flavors that create a remarkable finish and inspire creativity when it comes to how it can be enjoyed. Aside from our Infused Whiskeys, we believe there is nothing quite comparable to the impact that the wood has on our finished whiskey.

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Words By Brad Neathery