The Sweater Weather Ranch Water

Words By Brad Neathery

The official cocktail of sweater weather - The Gold Coast. Oak & Eden fans are calling it the “sweater weather ranch water.” It's time to put down the Topo + Tequila and pick up Whiskey + Cider! This combo is especially perfect for the holiday season. Why? Because it is SO easy to batch, and can easily be prepped for a large group.

It's crisp, simple, and share-worthy. All you’ll need is our new release, Wheat & Honey, Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider, and a few apple chips, fresh or dried (if you’re feeling fancy)! 

Wheat & Honey has tasting notes of Honey, Marshmallow, and Candied Fruit which pair effortlessly with sweet apple and spiced flavors. It couldn’t be a more perfect pairing for the fall season. 


2oz Wheat & Honey

Martinelli's Apple Cider

Dried Apple Chips

Directions: Pour Wheat & Honey into a Collins glass and fill glass with ice. Top with Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and apple garnish.


One bottle (or as many as you'd like) of Wheat & Honey

Multiple bottles of Martinelli's Apple Cider (25.4 oz size)

Dried Apple Chips or Fresh Apples (steal a few while you're making your apple pie 😉🍎)

Directions: Pour Wheat & Honey, Martinelli's and ice into a pitcher and stir. Pour mixture into a collins glass and garnish with a few apple slices. Alternatively, you can have your collins' glasses ready with ice and can pour as you go!

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Words By Brad Neathery