Forrie J Smith x Oak & Eden Whiskey

Words By Brad Neathery

It all started when six-year old Forrie J Smith fell off of his horse in front of his mother and immediately told her he wanted to be a stuntman. Forrie is a seasoned cowboy and legacy Hollywood stuntman, but is most known for his role as Lloyd Pierce on Paramount Network’s hit TV show, Yellowstone. Luckily for him, growing up in Helena, Montana was the ideal scenery for him to learn the ropes of the rodeo and master his horsemanship. He was introduced to the rodeo by his father and grandfather and caught rodeo fever early on. At eight years old and on his second pair of chaps, Forrie began competing in rodeos.

After 52 years in the rodeo, Forrie stopped competing. He describes this as a time that his “mind was writing checks that his body couldn’t cash”. After his rodeo life came to an expiration, he pursued a career as a stuntman in Hollywood where he would spend the next 25 years working on sets for films like Rambo III, Desperado, Tombstone and Hell or High Water. Forrie credits much of his rodeo experience to his success as a stuntman, namely the thought disciplines that come with the territory of competing with such intensity.

His stuntman career would ultimately lead him to landing a spot as a series regular on Paramount Network’s hit TV show, Yellowstone. After appearing as a recurring character for the first two seasons, he was brought on as a full-time character in Yellowstone season three. Forrie compares rodeo competitions to filming, describing the similarities of riding an adrenaline rush until you’re finished, completely diminishing any nerves that may have creeped in initially.

As far back as he can remember, Forrie recalls enjoying a bold cup of cowboy coffee every morning before jumping on his horse, which made it fitting to create his very own cowboy coffee-infused bourbon. We collaborated with Forrie to create a barrel strength bourbon finished with an American Oak spire steeped in cold brew coffee. It is a remarkable, bold, rich bourbon that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Words By Brad Neathery