Abraham Alexander x Oak & Eden Whiskey

Words By Brad Neathery

A compilation of heartaches, memories, and faith is what makes Abraham Alexander the man that he is today. Although a young musician, Alexander has gone through life experiences that most will never encounter in a lifetime. Born in Greece to parents of Nigerian descent, Alexander moved to Texas when he was 11. Shortly after the immigration, he tragically lost his mother to a drunk driver, which he describes as the pivot point in his life. Now, he tours with acclaimed artists, such as Leon Bridges and Gary Clark Jr. and has embarked on a solo career that most aspiring musicians could only dream of.

While revered for his musical intellect, his gift for music was actually a recent discovery. Growing up, sports were a universal language for Alexander. In particular, soccer was the sport that truly broke barriers for him. Alexander played Texas Wesleyan, but after an injury permanently sidelined him, he was left wondering what was next. He picked up a guitar and began gigging, recognizing he had a knack for performing. His iconic balance between soul, hip-hop, and blues will make you feel his music, more than you hear it, and others took notice.

In 2015, Alexander bumped into Texas legend, Leon Bridges while Bridges was setting up to record his first album Coming Home. After hearing Alexander humming and noticing his vocal range, Bridges asked Alexander to sing harmony in the album, which charted at number six on the US Billboard 200, and was nominated for Best R&B Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards. From that point moving forward, Alexander’s career has skyrocketed, taking him on tours across the world and growing a cult following, but it’s not his music that draws such attention. Alexander carries a supernatural peace and clarity with him that would calm a storm. He describes his various life trials as the springboard moments that were used for an undefeatable joy that he carries. This joy is unmistakable whether listening to his music, watching him on stage, or enjoying a shrimp basket at Coco Shrimp in Fort Worth.

We collaborated with Abraham to make his custom bottle of bourbon finished with a vanilla infused American Oak spire. The vanilla finish imparts a warm, steady, and nostalgic note to our award winning bourbon. It’s the feeling of coming home after a lifetime of labor and, similar to Abraham’s experience, it’s worth the wait.

Words By Brad Neathery